No passing the buck here

Once upon a time I worked in electronics industry where, if something went wrong with a client’s integrated system, each manufacturer would take turns to blame the problem on someone else’s product … definitely not their own. Nine times out of ten the client’s system installer would go round in circles trying to find a solution, and get increasingly annoyed at everyone. Repeat business was un-surprisingly limited.

It was the experience of this ‘pass-the-buck’ attitude where no-one took ownership of a problem, which causes us to do the opposite. We work to resolve issues and, with websites becoming increasingly complex and dare I say it ‘integrated’ beasts, we had another great example of how we do it. We had designed a new ecommerce website based on the Magento CMS and to streamline the inventory process our client had sourced and signed up for a cloud inventory software product called Unleashed. In short they didn’t want to manually process each online order into the stock system.


The fun started when on trying to connect to the ecommerce website, Magento fired back an error message to announce that connection wasn’t possible. After a few rounds of phonecall ping pong, a number of attempts by our developers to identify the issues, support calls to Unleashed, the upgrade of the web host server to a Virtual Private Server, more error messages, calls to the host company, more attempts by Unleashed Technical Support to connect to Magento … (you get the idea) … more than four weeks had passed an our client was no closer to a solution, causing them mild frustration and making us a little uncomfortable on their behalf.

As with most ‘Once upon a time’ stories, this one also comes with a happy ending. Much to our client’s delight one morning, on realising that integration between the Unleashed and Magento systems was occurring, they called to inform us of the amazing news whilst we were typing an email to them explain that we had finally identified and solved the problem.

The reason for this mini diatribe is to explain that at Absolute we don’t just take the money and run once a job is complete. Our primary objective is to keep our clients happy with our creative output, with digital solutions and with our customer service. Try us and you might just like us.