Rebranding: an oldie but a goody


For anyone that is considering re-branding to improve their business efforts, but who doesn’t want to blow the budget in one go … take note.

Some 18 months ago we embarked upon a process to overhaul the marketing materials for Brisbane homecare and aged care services provider, Jubilee Community Care (JCC). A Government funded organisation, JCC provide home care assistance to elderly people who want to continue living at home, but who require assistance with day-to-day tasks that have become too difficult to do on their own, such as cooking, shopping or gardening.

With a target audience predominantly consisting of 50 somethings who are looking to third party help for their ageing relatives or friends, as an alternative to going into a care home, Jubilee’s materials had been treated as something of an afterthought and were not communicating the organisation’s experience and the benefits of their service. Instead of portraying the many positive aspects of the elderly people being able to stay at home, they had become a bit gloomy.

Following a strategic review and planning session, we started with the public front end of their business, the website. We used this project to establish a refreshed design, palette and imagery with an approach focussed upon emphasising the many strong positives that the organisation has to offer, using imagery specifically showing their clients enjoying their diverse interactions with JCC’s support care workers, in scenarios typical of the help often required.

Specifically we used the opportunity to engender some pride within the organisation as well as beyond it, with care workers and support staff also enjoying the fact that they were bringing comfort, support and strong companionship to clients.

With the benefit of seeing the benefits of the refreshed website, JCC has since tasked Absolute with the job of bringing its other core materials in line with the new branding which has seen us tackle print, digital and signage. Of course the net result is that they have steadily refreshed their branding and marketing communications materials without blowing the budget.

If you’d like to discuss your organisations branding, contact us for more details about how we can make it work in your favour.