Our Services / Motion Graphics & Animation

Our motion graphics capabilities are virtually limitless. Budget allowing, we can achieve anything you can imagine using a variety of software, from simple flash graphics to complex 3D Studio animations.

For some clients we use motion graphics to lift a film to a higher level by subtly refining their visuals for a sophisticated, contemporary audience. For others, 2D or 3D motion graphics provide a total production solution, offering a dynamic on-screen vehicle for brands or themes that might otherwise struggle to command the viewer’s attention.

Absolute have been developing 3D visualisations for over 8 years, producing high-quality photorealistic images and animated movies for a diverse range of clients from Meggitt Avionics, Dorbcrest Homes, Henderson Homes, Aquasentry and Pass your Test Online. Our services include architectural visualisation, interiors and exteriors, technical animations, product visualisations, character animation and logo animations.

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