Logo Design Brisbane

A good logo design will create a unique identity for your business and ensure that it stands out from the crowd. Absolute’s graphic design team have produced heaps of custom logo designs for business start-ups, small companies and large organisations, all from our Brisbane studio. We have the expertise to ensure that your logo design makes your business distinctive and portrays you to your target customer base, memorably, positively and with the right qualities.

From the new product which needs a logo design to communicate with your customers to the business that needs a unique device to help them stand out from the crowd, a logo design with impact is a great way to get your business noticed and remembered. We utilise typography, colour, icons, shapes and a dash of inspiration to bring your logo design to life.

We always start our process with you ... what logo designs have you seen that you like, what do you want to communicate, what colours would you like to see. By getting to know your business and you too, we can turn ideas into custome logo designs that appeal to you and your customers.

From a selection of initial interpretations, our graphic designers will develop a solution that works across various media formats to ensure that your custom logo design achieves consistent impact wherever it's featured. Approved company logo designs of course need to work well on signage, literature, brochures, advertising, catalogues, point of sale, your website, in colour, black and white, on exhibition stands, moving vehicles, Brisbane Broncos jerseys, etc, etc.

Our logo design process can also bring a new lease of life to your existing logo. Logo designs often become a bit dated when they aren’t managed correctly and the other parts of a business advance; from time to time we are approached by companies who are happy with the overall design, but want the look to be made more suitable for use in specific instances. Our ‘logo refresher’ approach is an ideal way for existing businesses to re-invigorate their public image.

creative logo design brisbane

Logo Design Brisbane

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