New Client Diversity

When asked ‘what do Absolute Media do?’, we often first describe our collective services as an outsource marketing department, both for businesses and organisations that don’t have one of their own, and those that do but don’t have the complete skillset in house.

And with capabilities encompassing digital, print and strategic marketing planning we always enjoy applying our experience to new clients looking to grow their customer base and better promote their products and services.

Since the start of 2021 a diverse range of new clients through our virtual front door demonstrates that there really are no boundaries to the type of business we can benefit. In brief summary these so far include:

SHC Consultancy:

A Brisbane based consultancy bringing high-level tourism and leisure industry experience to businesses of all sizes, improving systems and processes to increase operational effectiveness, turnover and profitability. As a new start-up we have been involved in creating their business identity and core marketing materials, to help get them noticed for all of the right reasons, in what is often the most crucial time in the business lifecycle.

Zen Vet Behaviour

Zen Vet are a mobile vet behaviour and dog training business serving Brisbane & Ipswich, who as well as training dogs provide pet check-ups in the comfort of their owners own homes as a far more convenient and stress-free experience. Uniquely they also provide palliative management for elderly pets and approached us to help get more conversions from their website and with SEO services to get more traffic to it.


We were appointed both to create a new business identity and design and build a new user interface for their website, which will be their main touchpoint with clients. FixMyHeadache provides online diagnosis of headaches by users interacting with a chat bot. Users answer a series of questions which navigate a diagnosis path, with the questions and answers having been compiled over many years by headache experts from all over the world. Watch this space.

The Goths

We are currently thoroughly enjoying involvement with this lesser known Brisbane band from the late 80’s. The Goths wanted someone to align and organise their various digital media channels for both promotion and music distribution, including their own website, Wikipedia, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, a WordPress Blog and more.

If you happen to be reading this and are wondering if we can help with your next project, the chances are that we can make a massive difference to your business. Call us for a free preliminary consultation on 07 3300 6308 to find out more.