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  • Posted 17/08/2016 by absolute

    Motion Graphics & Animation

    Our motion graphics capabilities are virtually limitless. Budget allowing, we can achieve anything you can imagine using a variety of software, from simple flash graphics to complex 3D Studio animations.

    For some clients we use motion graphics to lift a film to a higher level by subtly refining their visuals for a sophisticated, contemporary audience. For others, 2D or 3D motion graphics provide a total production solution, offering a dynamic on-screen vehicle for brands or themes that might otherwise struggle to command the viewer’s attention.

    Absolute have been developing 3D visualisations for over 8 years, producing high-quality photorealistic images and animated movies for a diverse range of clients from Meggitt Avionics, Dorbcrest Homes, Henderson Homes, Aquasentry and Pass your Test Online. Our services include architectural visualisation, interiors and exteriors, technical animations, product visualisations, character animation and logo animations.

  • Posted 17/08/2016 by absolute


    Absoute’s diverse client base means that it is impossible to have a team of photographic specialists on the payroll, so we work with photographers who specialise in particular fields of photography - industrial, people, products still and landscapes – to ensure the best results for each particular product or service.

    Absolute will select the most suitable photographer for your design brief and manage the whole process on your behalf, including the planning and final shot touch-ups, to ensure that the imagery is perfect for our needs and yours.

  • Posted 17/08/2016 by absolute

    Video Editing

    Our video editors have an enviably broad range of experience to bring to your creative or corporate video production.

    Our portfolio includes everything from corporate videos to live music and conference events, consumer advertising, staff training videos, DVD extras and documentary films. Our familiarity with all standard platforms means we offer a seamless service and avoiding the technical pitfalls that new technology sometimes creates. Now broadband offers superb download speeds across Australia we can compress your signed-off videos and allow them to be broadcast from your company website as well as DVD’s.

    Comprehensive Post-Production Services, including:

    • Video Editing
    • 2D/3D Animation
    • Illustration
    • Photo Retouching
    • Video Streaming Solutions
    • Bespoke Music Production

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    Corporate Video Brisbane

    corporate video brisbane

    Corporate video requirements vary massively from project to project. Our award winning Brisbane based producers bring creative flair and technical expertise to every film shoot, and our corporate video productions engage their intended target audience to generate the desired outcome, be it for advertising, promotions, training, recruitment, sales conferences, viral … you name it.

    We have experience in all corporate video production formats including HD and 35mm and are happy to provide comprehensive quotes and detailed budget breakdowns for any level of filming, from straightforward talking head interviews to international multi-location shoots.

    Absolute Brisbane have produced corporate video for some great companies in recent years including the Dubai Tourist Board, The Motorsport Association and Diageo (Bells Whisky) and Queensland Health.

    Our comprehensive Pre-Production services include:

    • Scriptwriting
    • Art Direction
    • Location Scouting
    • Shoot Coordination & Logistics
    • Talent Casting (Voice and On-Screen)

    Our comprehensive Video Production services include:

    • Award-Winning video production in SD or HD
    • Aerial Filming (Helicopters/Planes)
    • Multi-Camera Shoots
    • Voice-Over Recordings
    • Dedicated Lighting Technicians
    • Dedicated Audio Engineers
    • Make-Up Artists
    • Corporate video Brisbane
    • Specialised Equipment (Jibs, dollies, etc.)

    If you'd like to see some examples from our back cataglogue, check out our showreel below, then drop us a line at the Brisbane office and be sure to let us know what kind of video production you are planning.