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    Graphic Design Brisbane

    As a Brisbane graphic design studio with extensive and high-profile experience in both print and digital, we continue to eulogise about the power of printed materials. Great sales brochures, catalogues or business cards don’t just communicate the things that you have to offer; they are tangible and have a shelf life. They are something that your customers can browse, smell, feel, and most importantly ... keep.

    Printed matter that gets swiftly 'put in the round file' does so either because it doesn’t do its job very well, because it is poorly distributed, or it is targeted badly. Absolute Media's graphic designers take the time to find the right print medium for you, then we introduce a little innovation, a dash of imagination and a bucket load of creativity to produce advertising, flyers and brochures that really stand out from the crowd and deliver your messages effectively. Our graphic designs also have a shelf life. Customers keep them, sit them on their desks, pin them to the wall and save them for 'later'. Digital doesn't have that staying power.

    The creative output from our Brisbane graphic design studio captures the imagination. Our materials communicate in a dynamic, exciting way, and our print advertising, flyers and leaflets have a canny knack of staying on the desk – and in the mind – longer.

    So whoever you want to target, in Brisbane or beyond, we can help you reach them more effectively.


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    Motion Graphics & Animation

    Our motion graphics capabilities are virtually limitless. Budget allowing, we can achieve anything you can imagine using a variety of software, from simple flash graphics to complex 3D Studio animations.

    For some clients we use motion graphics to lift a film to a higher level by subtly refining their visuals for a sophisticated, contemporary audience. For others, 2D or 3D motion graphics provide a total production solution, offering a dynamic on-screen vehicle for brands or themes that might otherwise struggle to command the viewer’s attention.

    Absolute have been developing 3D visualisations for over 8 years, producing high-quality photorealistic images and animated movies for a diverse range of clients from Meggitt Avionics, Dorbcrest Homes, Henderson Homes, Aquasentry and Pass your Test Online. Our services include architectural visualisation, interiors and exteriors, technical animations, product visualisations, character animation and logo animations.

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    Absoute’s diverse client base means that it is impossible to have a team of photographic specialists on the payroll, so we work with photographers who specialise in particular fields of photography - industrial, people, products still and landscapes – to ensure the best results for each particular product or service.

    Absolute will select the most suitable photographer for your design brief and manage the whole process on your behalf, including the planning and final shot touch-ups, to ensure that the imagery is perfect for our needs and yours.

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    Video Editing

    Our video editors have an enviably broad range of experience to bring to your creative or corporate video production.

    Our portfolio includes everything from corporate videos to live music and conference events, consumer advertising, staff training videos, DVD extras and documentary films. Our familiarity with all standard platforms means we offer a seamless service and avoiding the technical pitfalls that new technology sometimes creates. Now broadband offers superb download speeds across Australia we can compress your signed-off videos and allow them to be broadcast from your company website as well as DVD’s.

    Comprehensive Post-Production Services, including:

    • Video Editing
    • 2D/3D Animation
    • Illustration
    • Photo Retouching
    • Video Streaming Solutions
    • Bespoke Music Production

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    Corporate Video Brisbane

    corporate video brisbane

    Corporate video requirements vary massively from project to project. Our award winning Brisbane based producers bring creative flair and technical expertise to every film shoot, and our corporate video productions engage their intended target audience to generate the desired outcome, be it for advertising, promotions, training, recruitment, sales conferences, viral … you name it.

    We have experience in all corporate video production formats including HD and 35mm and are happy to provide comprehensive quotes and detailed budget breakdowns for any level of filming, from straightforward talking head interviews to international multi-location shoots.

    Absolute Brisbane have produced corporate video for some great companies in recent years including the Dubai Tourist Board, The Motorsport Association and Diageo (Bells Whisky) and Queensland Health.

    Our comprehensive Pre-Production services include:

    • Scriptwriting
    • Art Direction
    • Location Scouting
    • Shoot Coordination & Logistics
    • Talent Casting (Voice and On-Screen)

    Our comprehensive Video Production services include:

    • Award-Winning video production in SD or HD
    • Aerial Filming (Helicopters/Planes)
    • Multi-Camera Shoots
    • Voice-Over Recordings
    • Dedicated Lighting Technicians
    • Dedicated Audio Engineers
    • Make-Up Artists
    • Corporate video Brisbane
    • Specialised Equipment (Jibs, dollies, etc.)

    If you'd like to see some examples from our back cataglogue, check out our showreel below, then drop us a line at the Brisbane office and be sure to let us know what kind of video production you are planning.

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    Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

    Everyone wants to be at the top of the leading search engines: Google, Yahoo & Bing. The problem is there are only a limited number of positions on the first page of search results.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improves your ranking in the natural, organic, non-sponsored listings area of a search engine results page. In order to achieve a high ranking within this space, a website should satisfy the following three principles:

    • Your website must be designed, coded and hosted in a way that will allow search engine spiders to successfully access and index all relevant site content.
    • Your website's content must be designed, constructed and written in such a way that appeals to the website's target audience and to the search engine algorithms, so that it can be deemed relevant for all possible search terms related to that site.
    • The site should be 'endorsed' by other credible websites as an equally credible, valuable and authoritative online resource for the site's relevant industry or subject matter.

    Each website is different and there is no single formula that works for all. We undertake a thorough review of your website, analysing its online presence against a number of key SEO criteria and ranking factors in order to assess its strengths and weaknesses and to effectively provide consultancy that will transform your site's search engine optimisation.

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    Ecommerce Websites

    Visitors to your website need to be able to find your products with ease and purchase them without difficulty if you want to count on their business.

    Online competition is of course becoming tougher and tougher. At absolute we develop e-commerce websites which directly address end-user needs and present online processes in the most intuitive and efficient manner possible.

    Our e-commerce solutions range from simple product catalogues and shopping carts, accepting valid secure credit card payment transactions, through to product personalisation, integration with back-office systems and comprehensive e-commerce solutions. There are a number of issues to consider when embarking on a project of this nature. From the very start absolute can help to identify the opportunities for e-commerce within your business and advise on the best available solutions.

    Absolute work with various ecommerce platforms depending on which one suits the type of project we are working on. Additional custom functionality to meet your specific requirements can be built in as extras and our team of developers are always eager to listen to your ideas to create new applications for your ecommerce website, to make your online store do exactly what you want it to.

    At the same time our talented team of designers will give your online store a beautiful shop front and our search engine optimisation specialists will ensure it can be found on top of the major search engines.

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    Content Management Systems

    When it comes to your website, it is important that the content is as fresh and up to date as possible. Many of our web projects use a Content Management System, or CMS, to make updating your content as quick and easy as possible. Our CMS systems give you the ability to keep your content bang up to date without needing to know any complicated code. All you need is to be able to type - our simple interface will ensure that it will look great when published on your site. CMS doesn't stop with text; our systems also enable the simple administration of images, calendars, news feeds, product listings, videos and social media accounts.

    If you need a small business website up and running quickly with minimal cost, without sacrificing a great suite of features, then there are many open source CMS solutions available such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. If you need something a bit more specialised, then we can create a system that is completely bespoke to you and your business. We have built bespoke loyalty card systems, complex ecommerce platforms and e-learning applications using a wide range of different technologies.

    We have also developed specific content management systems for the education sector. Their unique feature-sets have everything you will need for your institution to deliver engaging content that is easy for your team to administer.

    If you would like to know more about our website content management systems then please call us to discuss how we can help deliver your specific needs and objectives

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    Bespoke website design

    web design & development

    We love the web here at Absolute Brisbane, and our award winning team of website design experts pool their expertise to create stunning, media rich and commercially successful bespoke websites.

    The reason we get so excited about digital is the possibilities it brings - our team can create interactive experiences comprising a whole gamut of media to engage with your market and build your brand. Not only do we ensure that the finished website design looks stunning and is easy for your visitors to use, it is designed from the ground up with input from our search engine optimisation team to get great results, and to give you a great return on your investment.

    Whether you want a simple brochure website design or a fully functional e-commerce platform with an easy to use content management system, we work within your brief, budget and timescale. Our team of genius web developers build our website design projects in beautiful code to all the latest industry standards, ensuring consistency across multiple web browsers and ensuring that your site is SEO friendly and as accessible as possible. If you need your site to work on shiny new technologies such as the iPad or on mobile devices, we can factor this in from the start to ensure that every visitor has a great experience of your brand regardless of what they use to view it.

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    Flyers, Invites & Leaflets

    A well designed and thought-out leaflet, invite or flyer can inform and excite your prospective customers, encourage enquiries and promote purchases.

    Absolute have over a decade of experience in the design of commercial literature to sell a multitude of products and services. We use our proven approach to produce stunning designs which engage your target audience.

    Perhaps you are launching a new product and need an eye catching leaflet design to inspire interest? Maybe you want to increase footfall into your business premises, and need an informative leaflet to highlight an offer and encourage a visit? A corporate event or product launch needs a professional invite design as a precursor to the event itself; a flyer for a nightclub needs to instantly connect with an audience and create hype for the event. The design team at Absolute have the experience and knowledge to create artwork that looks great and, most importantly, stimulate interest amongst the right audience.

    Absolute can manage your entire project from start to finish, providing marketing expertise, copywriting, content creation, graphic design, layout, printing and mail fulfilment, all to ensure that your finished product looks great and generates results.