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    Queensland Health

    Our relationship with Queensland Health has seen the creation of varied materials including corporate video productions, advertising, and marketing collateral during the past few years.

    As well as offering a fantastic climate, which is sunnier than some the southern Australian states and most of Europe, the Health Service in Queensland boasts some amazing attractions - the Great Barrier Reef for one - to make use of when seeking to attract experienced healthcare workers .

    The adverts and marketing materials therefore leant heavily on the lifestyle benefits of relocating to Queensland.

    Our numerous corporate video productions for Queensland Health have been commissioned to promote the service to new employees, as well as publicise the opening of new wards and educate staff on important areas of practice, such as the correct procedures to follow when dealing with infection control.

    What we did
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    NBN Co.

    Shortly after the creation of the newly formed Australian NBN Co (National Broadband Network) in August 2009, Absolute was tasked with the development of their inaugural suite of marketing materials.

    Following the successful introduction of numerous trial sites in Tasmania, we were initially commissioned to develop concepts for their advertising, to announce new developer-related legislation for construction companies.

    Our ads definitely hit the spot because our remit was subsequently extended to include the design and preparation of a suite of

    brochures, presentation folders and case studies, as well as a technical fact pack detailing rollout guidelines for Local Government Authorities.

    Whilst operating with quite diverse visual content, our challenge was to portray the vertical sector implications of the new network; essentially explaining what new opportunities the technology was capable of creating for real people and business of varying sizes.

    The finished items were initially showcased during NBN Co’s announcement of first release sites, where the company introduced the roll-out plans for their broadband fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network in mainland Australia, to the public.

    What we did
    • Graphic Design
    • Art Working
    • Brochure Design
    • Case Studies
    • Presentation Folder
    • Technical Manual
    • Print Management
    • Project Management
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