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  • Posted 22/04/2021 by absolute

    New Client Diversity

    When asked 'what do Absolute Media do?', we often first describe our collective services as an outsource marketing department, both for businesses and organisations that don't have one of their own, and those that do but don't have the complete skillset in house.

    And with capabilities encompassing digital, print and strategic marketing planning we always enjoy applying our experience to new clients looking to grow their customer base and better promote their products and services.

    Since the start of 2021 a diverse range of new clients through our virtual front door demonstrates that there really are no boundaries to the type of business we can benefit. In brief summary these so far include:

    SHC Consultancy:

    A Brisbane based consultancy bringing high-level tourism and leisure industry experience to businesses of all sizes, improving systems and processes to increase operational effectiveness, turnover and profitability. As a new start-up we have been involved in creating their business identity and core marketing materials, to help get them noticed for all of the right reasons, in what is often the most crucial time in the business lifecycle.

    Zen Vet Behaviour

    Zen Vet are a mobile vet behaviour and dog training business serving Brisbane & Ipswich, who as well as training dogs provide pet check-ups in the comfort of their owners own homes as a far more convenient and stress-free experience. Uniquely they also provide palliative management for elderly pets and approached us to help get more conversions from their website and with SEO services to get more traffic to it.


    We were appointed both to create a new business identity and design and build a new user interface for their website, which will be their main touchpoint with clients. FixMyHeadache provides online diagnosis of headaches by users interacting with a chat bot. Users answer a series of questions which navigate a diagnosis path, with the questions and answers having been compiled over many years by headache experts from all over the world. Watch this space.

    The Goths

    We are currently thoroughly enjoying involvement with this lesser known Brisbane band from the late 80's. The Goths wanted someone to align and organise their various digital media channels for both promotion and music distribution, including their own website, Wikipedia, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, a Wordpress Blog and more.

    If you happen to be reading this and are wondering if we can help with your next project, the chances are that we can make a massive difference to your business. Call us for a free preliminary consultation on 07 3300 6308 to find out more.

  • Posted 30/10/2020 by absolute

    Lasting First Impressions

    Yet More Important Logo Design Considerations

    Logos are generally regarded as artworks which assign a recognisable identity to a business, make it memorable (hopefully for the right reasons) and potentially communicate ideas which add value to the brand.

    When approaching the design of a new logo requiring some sort of symbol, device or pictogram, one of the primary strategic considerations that your designer should be making is whether the symbol or device should be literal or conceptual.

    Conceptual versus Literal Design

    “It’s just a repetition of the name as a nice graphic. So what!?”

    This might sound somewhat psychoanalytical, but often I find my inner monologue rambling to literal logo designs in this way quite a lot. Yeah, it’s a Red Hat. What do they do again? Umm … software. It’s actually a really unstylish red panama hat. Or is it a trilby? What were they thinking when they approved that one?

    Perhaps I overthink them a bit too much, but probably not. Because the chances are that your clients will have similar reactions (subconscious or otherwise) about your designs, materials and branding when they are dealing with your business.

    In short, a dentist logo doesn’t need to show teeth, a construction firm’s logo doesn’t need to show a building (or a hammer) and a smartphone makers logo doesn’t need to show a smartphone.

    It is of course debatable but, to us at Absolute, the primary function of a logo is to say ‘Here we are, remember us.’ Whilst images that are relevant to the business and can perform perfectly well as identifying marks, we find it far more meaningful when a logo design communicates something about ‘who they are’ rather than ‘what they do’.

    Humans like to recognise visual patterns and solve puzzles. To most it is far more engaging when the brain is required to make the connection between logo device and business name. We have the innate ability to engage and figure things out, and when we make the association between image and company name, we connect on a deeper level. As well as making the design more memorable, done effectively this can also help to unlock the core qualities of the product or service.

    To help illustrate the point, I’ll run with a few examples, the first of which only recently dawned on me.

    The straight-up lettering and the cheeky little smile beneath it are fairly apparent. But, notice where the smile leads from and to, and the small arrowhead at one end? Yes that’s right … Amazon, everything you need, from A to Z.

    The Baskin and Robbins logo is a great, high profile example too. Tucked away in the playful ‘BR’ initials are the numbers 3 and 1, referencing the 31 flavours that they are famous for selling.

    Perhaps less well known, but a useful example, is the Museum of London logo. At first glance it just looks like some overlapping biological shapes surrounding the text. The colours in-fact represent the changing borders of this famous city throughout its history. But enough of the reveals. Check out the FedEx logo, have look Cisco’s emblem and, maybe not overly obvious, but see if you can figure out what Hyundai’s logo symbol means … if anything.

    One thing is certain; once you make the connection between conceptual design and message by realising what you are looking at, and what it means, it will commit the name and associated values to memory for a much longer than pretty much any literal logo design combo.

  • Posted 30/07/2020 by absolute

    (Mainly Contactless) New Clients

    There may be an economic downturn hurtling our way but it hasn’t stopped Brisbane businesses both large and small from choosing to invest in the improvement of their sales and marketing initiatives. In recent weeks Absolute Media has been appointed by three brand new clients to get involved and help them significantly improve the way they promote themselves.

    The first of the three, Langford Metal, is a large metal fabrication business originally set-up in Brisbane in 1955. Still family owned and with a huge facility featuring some incredible machinery for punching, shaping and forming virtually anything in metal, they had concluded that an overhaul of their website and marketing materials was due. Following a competitive pitch Absolute were given the go-ahead to write the content, design the user interface and page layouts, then code and test their new website, which has just this week launched – www.langfordmetal.com.au.

    We were also recently appointed to handle the SEO account for Envisage Skin + Body Studio. An established and longstanding beautician business Envisage, like many, has recently been hit where it hurts by the enforced closures related to Covid-19, prompting them to come out fighting. With a host of new keywords to get stuck into covering services such as ‘Skin needling Brisbane’ we have been on a steep learning rapidly getting to grips with their bewildering range of anti-aging services, technologies and of course the phrases used by their target audiences to find such things. Within our first month we’ve managed to get seven of their target terms featuring on page one of Google. Bewdy indeed.

    Our marketing and design consultancy services have also been called on by creative art workshop specialist Nurture The Knack -  www.nurturetheknack.com. Offering a diverse range of classes for both children and adults (particularly adults who like wine and painting, yes please) to recognise, enjoy and nurture their creative instincts. We are regularly asked to help small businesses who rely on themselves for many things, but who also recognise that external advice can help them take their plans and ideas much further.

    If you could benefit from our design, digital and marketing services, then give us a call. Talk is free (for the first 30 minutes lol) and we welcome every opportunity to discuss your ideas!

  • Posted 03/05/2019 by absolute

    From the Little things

    digital marketing agency new client announcement

    Absolute Media is proud to welcome our latest new client, Little Estate Lawyers.

    Whilst not exactly a hot-off-the-press news scoop (we were originally approached late in 2018), they are yet another great example of a client who originally approached us for a specific solution, then realised the invaluable benefits our rounded marketing experience in helping to establish their new small business, and are now been able to rely on us for additional marketing services.

    Headquartered in Brisbane, Little Estate Lawyers are specialist Wills and Estates Lawyers. They operate across Queensland and New South Wales, focusing on the provision of exceptional, straightforward legal advice and no hidden costs to clients in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sydney.

    With a successful legal career which started in 1997, owner Danielle Little worked for almost a decade for a large multi-national firm in litigation and estate matters before specialising in the area of Succession Law. She recently decided to start her own business and during that time chose Absolute Media ahead of numerous other digital marketing agencies to develop her new website design.

    New business start-ups are often cost-conscious exercises and this one was no different. Working to a tight budget and with the brief to extend Little Lawyer’s new business brand into the digital world, both parties agreed that the new website design needed to make a strong impact, to become a point of difference from potential competing business websites.

    Using a strong, classic black, white and gold colour scheme and some of the classic typographic qualities of ITC’s Avant Garde Gothic font collection, we developed a strong, single page layout and user interface design with the plan to include subtle animation and movement to the live version.

    Absolute also catered to the fact that the site would inevitably extend in scope and content as Little Lawyers growth began to develop.

    Danielle’s new logo design process with another agency hadn’t gone quite as smoothly as expected, so additional consultation was requested from us on how to address various issues and to ensure that the Little Lawyers logo and brand was both consistently represented and positively extended, to enhance the existing materials and maximise first impressions.

    Just six months in and with their second office already open, Absolute have recently been appointed to also handle their Search Engine Optimisation requirements in Queensland and New South Wales.

    As the song goes, ‘From the little things, big things grow’. Little Lawyer’s ability to call upon Absolute Media’s broad range of small business marketing services and experience as they develop a name for themselves is a great example of how important it is to partner with a company who take the time to understand your business, and can help you to take it to the next level at every stage.

  • Posted 05/04/2019 by absolute

    Peak Performing Referrals

    peak performance seo brisbane

    Since opening our doors to Brisbane in 2005 we have always had a healthy proportion of clients pointed in our direction.

    And we are pleased to welcome two more. The new start-up ‘A Happier Life’ and the longstanding ‘Moorooka Sports & Community Club’ have recently joined Absolute Media’s client roster. Both businesses were referred to us for our hugely competitive and very effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities.

    A Happier Life is a hypnosis service owned and operated by former Australian test cricketer Gary Cosier. By utilising Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Brisbane clients can benefit from their range of traditional solutions to help them quit smoking and lose weight, through to more forward-thinking areas such as life coaching and peak sports performance.

    Mookrooka Sports is a traditional bowling club that has undergone subtle modernisation in recent years. This has seen the extension of the club’s facilities to include a new bistro, and to offer its facilities as venues for weddings, social functions and business. Additionally, to appeal to the very popular demand for barefoot bowls in Brisbane food trucks now regularly rock-up to serve hungry punters and craft beers have been introduced to the bar.

    Absolute have been providing SEO services since 2011. The increasing level of competition to get companies listed on page one, and our approach of working smarter rather than harder in order to retain our competitive edge, means that we’ve seen a recent surge for this part of our business marketing offering. Many big SEO businesses seem to bombard their clients with the appliance of science and in-depth analyses of algorithm updates, but it’s not as complicated as they make it out to be, and our results clearly demonstrate that fact.

    If you’re interested in getting your website to feature in the page one results for a specific, search term or keyphrase, call us on 07 3300 6308 to find out more.